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Tommy and I go way back. Back to some of my first fashion memories. I remember I received a Tommy piece when I was pregnant with James 7 years ago and thinking it was one of the first designer pieces he will ever own!

It’s quite special if you think about it, how brands are weaved into our lives. To me that means quality, and that’s what I value as much as a good design.

Tommy Hilfiger is a go-to for those reasons; I know what I get when I buy a Tommy coat or pair of trousers. I get a product that will almost outlive me – especially when you take good care of it.

I buy timeless and classic pieces from the brand because I think that’s what they are best known for; however, I’ve been introduced to their Hilfiger Collection line through this partnership, and I must admit that this put them in a whole different perspective for me. The look I’m wearing in this post, is the absolute everyday sophisticated look I – and you – need in ours wardrobes. It will be perfect for a work meeting, but I can do a school run in it too. Needless to say, the colours are beyond. To me, there is nothing more chic than camel and cream tones for the fall-winter season. In addition to the colors, the richness of the fabric elevates this look to be unbelievably chic!

I loved an oversized knit, so I chose to go a size up, but you can go for your normal size if you prefer to have it less chunky. The trousers are on the long side for me, but what’s a tailor-run these days? No biggie!

Proved to be the perfect fall-winter look, I can recommend to take a peek at their new collection, I am sure it won’t disappoint!

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